Wednesday, 1 February 2012

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The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar $1.99 - US Link
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar £1.49 - UK Link
Part One of the new Space Opera for all old-school science-fiction fans (Ideally 14 and up)

The Rise Of Va'kaar introduces the reader to the main characters who will dominate the series in the coming adventures.

Jenson Quest III, is a 17 year old descendent of his grandfather, Jenson Quest Senior and his father, Jenson Quest II. Both are former test pilots for the RAF and private corporations.

Now aging beyond his years, Jenson Quest Senior lives in the nursing home run by his daughter, Maggs, whom the younger Jenson has lived with since his father's disappearance many years before.

Unfortunately for the grandson, the grandfather is on the verge of senility, as he continues to tell tales about great battles in space, and his efforts to protect the many 'human realms' that are spread throughout the galaxy.

The young Jenson is suddenly dragged into the reality that everyone previously believed to be an old man's imagination, as he steps forward to take the place of not just his aging grandfather, but also his missing (presumed dead) father, who vanished during a previous mission in defence of humanity.

Now he is on the other side of the galaxy, fighting alongside humans from over a hundred other worlds in The Great Drak; the special forces of the realms who defend the whole human race against the threat of the Zyll Swarm and their new Vuron Super Weapon, which has the power to wipe out an entire world.

Join Jenson as he discovers friends and allies of the most unexpected kind and battles Va'kaar; the Zyll commander who would see the destruction of every human realm.

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The Warriors of The Great Drak. A legion of human special forces, made up of one volunteer from each of the human realms.

Having accepted the mantle and responsibilities of Wing Commander, young Jenson Quest once again leaves his normal life on Earth, as he is called back by the Keepers to face a new threat from the evil Zyll, Va’kaar, who has stolen a fleet of old warships and is now in search of crews.

With a new interceptor and no time to get proper defences in place, the Keepers and the Drak warriors steer Va’kaar and his fleet to a world where former Zyll prisoners of war have now settled peacefully, offering a target he cannot ignore.

While Va’kaar continues to battle against the revolutionists within his own ranks, an old alliance is renewed as the threat looms in orbit around the binary planet that makes up the Realms of Jurrii, but which side will the Zyll of Jurrii really join?

Join Jenson and his friends as they embark on a new battle to try and stop the evil Va’kaar.



10 year old Connor is about to find out that his future will involve his greatest dream... designing and building brilliant robots. The problem is that his future creations have come back in time to protect him from the threat of the Killbots, but now they need HIS help.

The Killbot Master wants to take over the world, but he knows that the key to doing it easily, is to stop Connor becoming the Zubot Master.

As the Zubots hunt for the Killbot that is hunting for Connor, he finds himself having to hide the truth from his parents, which means placing himself in even more trouble.

The first book in a science fiction series aimed at young readers aged 9 - 13, or advanced younger readers.


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