It's My Party...

Well, I think it's fair to say that this is the BLOG bit of the Bloggy Thing.

So, what do I ramble on about... Well, I was born in Llay, a little village near Wrexham, in North Wales and moved to Scotland in 1977. My father was a Mines Rescue Officer (they are now called Underground Search & Rescue) and we moved because he was promoted.

We lived in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, until 1986 and then moved to Hill Of Beath, near Cowdenbeath in Fife, where we lived until 1988, when we returned to North Wales after my father retired.

I had several jobs back here until 1992, when I returned to education (having been a useless unteachable oik in all but the few subjects I liked in school). In 1994 I got my Higher National Diploma in Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering. It had been my intention to go into teaching, but I chose not to switch over to the teaching degree course... something I still regret.